Hi! My name is Emily and I get a kick out of helping business of all sizes, but I do have a particular fondness for small business owners. It takes guts and ambition to strike out on your own and I greatly admire those who manage to make a go of it.

Unfortunately, many of these business owners underestimate the value of the written word. Of course, e-commerce sites rely on their copy to draw visitor to their stores, but web-copy isn’t just for e-commerce merchants.

Informational websites, blogs, newsletters and social media writing all provide a way for current and potential customers to find you and maintain a relationship with your business. For better or worse, today’s consumer identifies with brands more than ever. This makes it vital for businesses to clearly convey their company philosophy to cultivate the brand loyalty essential for a successful business.

I pride myself on providing companies of all sizes with professional, SEO friendly copy with heart and personality at reasonable prices. Take a look at my portfolio and please feel free to contact me with any questions!