Instead of grouping everything together into one Portfolio page, I decided to divide it up into the following categories. You can also navigate between the categories by using the dropdown menu above.

Web Copy – Here you will see samples of work I have done for websites.

Email Marketing – This page contains examples of company newsletters and other email marketing pieces. My email campaigns average a 30% – 40% open rate and a 10% – 15% click rate. These rates are well above benchmarks, although statistics can vary wildly from industry to industry.

Blogs – Blogs play a crucial role in the web presence for any company. Last year I increased traffic by 170% for one of my clients. Now, their blog is one of the top ten sources of traffic to their main website.

Print – Print collateral still definitely has its place, especially for small retail and food service businesses. On this page you can see a couple of examples of print copywriting – please note, I am not responsible for the graphic design of these, but this I did work with the designer and principals in the creation of the concept.

Journalism – This page is a selection of reporting and commentary pieces I have done.